There are often huge variations in the pricing you receive for landscape services. Many times it is a case of apples and oranges. Unfortunately it can be very ambiguous for the consumer to tell the differences. It takes a lot of probing questions and research for a consumer to ensure that a proposal is relatively equal in materials, labor and equipment cost. After doing that you may still find cost differences. Why are there are still price differences and what causes them?

These differences are rooted in overhead cost and recovery of the differing companies. The first and largest is payroll. The professional company will pay all there employees “on the books” including time and half for overtime pay, paid holidays, etc. Additionally all state and federal payroll taxes must be paid that are required by the employer as well as workers compensation insurance. The cost of workers compensation in New Jersey is very high for this industry and landscape construction rates are even higher than landscape maintenance/gardening. This may seem obvious but it is very costly and makes it hard to bid against individuals that pay cash to there labor force. An uninsured worker on your property can create a huge liability problem for you if an incident occurs.

Having proper and sufficient liability insurance is another huge expense for the professional landscape company. Typically rates are based on the amount of payroll the company has during the policy period (If you already forgot re-read the above paragraph). Most professional companies will maintain at least one million dollars with three million in aggregate. This means up to a million per incident with a limit of three separate incidents. Other insurance expenditures are auto, snow plowing (usually sold as an extra endorsement), equipment theft/loss, and maybe a balloon policy as well. The need for these is clear but many have no or little liability, non commercial auto, no snow plowing coverage, etc.

Continuing education is an important part of being a true professional. Personally I invest thousands of dollars each year attending classes, seminars, professional organization memberships and conferences. The use of a certified public accountant and an attorney are needed as well. Many professional companies will also engage industry consultants to help manage and grow their companies. An educated professional will produce a better end result and a well run company will be there years later when you need them.

Owning and maintaining safe and modern equipment is also a large investment. This is an equipment heavy business. Having the right equipment means effectively and safely completing the job with the desired results. But it doesn’t stop there! The lifetime cost of the equipment must be considered. This would include maintenance, repairs, fuel, trade in value, and replacement. All equipment wears out and must be rotated out and replaced. Old equipment really saves no money as its break downs and constant repairs erode any perceived savings not to mention they become un-safe.

The professional landscape company treats its suppliers and distributor’s as partners. This means paying there accounts as per their agreements in a timely fashion. These suppliers and distributors are a vast resource for the company that builds good relationships. They help with providing training, advice, and logistics to better serve the end user you the consumer. A landscape company in good standing has much better recourse when there is a product failure that once again only benefits the end user.

While knowing all budgets have limitations price must not be the overriding factor when choosing a landscape company for services. Many times the higher initial cost is much less than the consequences of using a company that does not follow these and other forms of professionalism. Many of these things can be easily checked like insurance and others like payroll are more difficult. That is why research, reputation and recommendations are important when qualifying a landscape company.

Maintenance & Plowing

Regency Landscape offers high quality residential and commercial grounds maintenance and snow plowing services in the following towns:

• Long Hill Township
• Warren Township
• Bernards Township
• Bernardsville
• Berkeley Heights
• Watchung
• New Providence
• Surounding areas

Patio & Pavers

Regency knows that a well designed and installed paver project can add beauty and value to your home. Pavers may be used for eye pleasing patios, elegant pool skirts, meandering walkways and drive ways. Don't forget retaining walls and raised planting beds. The possiblities afforded by pavers are limited only by the imagination. Our Design/Build services are available in:

• Morris County
• Somerset County
• Union County
• Hunterdon County
• Middlesex County
• Warren County